• What is the best way to store real chocolate?

    The optimum storage temperature for 'real' chocolates should be between 15-20ºC with low humidity. In order to maintain the freshness of Choko la chocolates, we recommend that you store the chocolates in a cool dry cupboard away from heat or light source and any perfumed items such as soaps, spices etc. since chocolate tends to absorb these fragrances.
  • Can I store chocolate in the refrigerator?

    Only refrigerate in extreme weather conditions, in which case place in an airtight container or double wrap and place in the bottom section of the fridge where it is not too cold. The chocolates should be slowly brought back to room temperature before unpacking and consumption.
  • Why do chocolates get white spots?

    If chocolate is exposed to temperature fluctuations, the chocolate may get white spots also known as 'fat bloom'. This also happens if chocolate melts and is reset in the refrigerator. The chocolate is still edible, but the quality and texture will be compromised. Proper chocolate storage is essential to avoid a 'fat bloom'.
  • Does the best chocolate have the highest cocoa content?

    Not always. The key to producing premium quality chocolate is to achieve a balance of flavours and fine textures from the cocoa beans and the manufacturing process is very important in making 'real' chocolate. Very high cocoa content tends to make chocolate quite unpalatable. Years of manufacturing experience and a commitment to using only the finest quality Belgian chocolate and employing international manufacturing techniques, enables Choko la to continue producing well balanced, real chocolate.
  • What is the difference between Real and Pure chocolate and 'Compound'?

    High quality, gourmet, premium & fine dark chocolate typically consists simply of cocoa (cocoa solids and cocoa butter), sugar (preferably cane sugar), natural vanilla (not Vanillin) and sometimes soya lecithin (a natural emulsifier). It should contain no less than about 50% cocoa, depending on the use, between 55% and 75% cocoa content is ideal. Pure chocolate is made of about 55 to 75% cocoa content out of which cocoa butter constitutes atleast 25-30% giving it a smooth, viscous and rich texture.

    Compound on the other hand is made of cocoa solids upto 45-50%, sugar and hydrogenated vegetable fats and contains less than 20% or less than and in some cases no cocoa butter at all.

    Hence the product is not termed as " chocolate" and lacks the luster, texture and smooth richness of real and Pure chocolate. Look out for "cocoa butter" in the list of ingredients the next time you want to treat yourself to a wholesome experience of real chocolate.
  • Does chocolate contain soya?

    Yes it does but only as a stabilizing agent and hence might not pose as a major allergen