Summertime Decadenz with Choko la Chocolate Factory Tour

As kids, we all dreamt of visiting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This movie has inspired all kids and adults alike to take a trip down the candy lane. To take a dive in the chocolate waterfall, to pick chocolate fruits from chocolate trees, to dance around the candy garden, and so much more! What if this dream of yours can come true? Choko la has made this dream possible for the kids! Now you can visit the chocolate factory of Choko la all throughout May, June, and July. This once in a lifetime experience is open exclusively for kids aged till 16 years. Is there any better summer activity than this for your kids?

If your kids have a passion for baking and chocolate making, bring them to our chocolate factory. Here are some interesting things that they can learn from this chocolate factory tour:

Chocolate Movie: Travel through time in the world of chocolate in our cinema. Discover how the Aztecs created the first known chocolate and find out how the taste for chocolate developed all over the world. Hear about the history of chocolates , the types of chocolates , learn about the good and the pure chocolate.Explore this treasure trove full of chocolate. Enjoy a chocolate experience, see artefacts from the Aztecs and follow the journey of chocolate and chokola to the present day.

Chocolate Room: See for yourself our factory in operation from the Chocolate Gallery, enjoying a bird's eye view of our chocolates being created from start to finish by our chocolatiers. This part of the experience is both fascinating and educational.

Experience Room: The ultimate part of the tour where participants get the chance to dress like a chocolatier and try their hand at decorating their own chocolate novelty, which they then bring home. Enjoy demonstrations of how chocolates are enrobed and shells are filled and decorated.Learn the art of cake designing , try your hands and decorate those cupcakes with your creativity.

For registration & queries refer to the contact details:
Mobile: 9717715392

You can also reach out to any of the Choko la boutiques and inquire with our store staff. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity that your kids are guaranteed to love and cherish. Register today and get ready for a decadent summer!

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