Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year when everything is lovely and sweet and heart-shaped. Love is in the air, we all feel it. But did you know that there’s some historical background to this holiday that not many are aware of? The origin of Valentine’s day can be traced back to the Roman empire. This holiday was Christianized to honor the death of St. Valentine who was executed on 14th February for performing secret marriages. This day came to be known as Valentine’s Day and is celebrated the world over ever since.

Lovers pour their hearts out to each other and set out to find that perfect gift for their beloved. When it comes to love, nothing says romance like a box of exquisite chocolate hearts delicately wrapped in red or pink, the ‘colors of love’. And at Choko La, we say why celebrate love only on one day when you can celebrate throughout the week? Head to a boutique Choko La this Valentine’s week to sample our rich chocolates. Taste decadent cookies & tea cakes dipped in warm chocolate across all our stores. Don’t forget to sample our rich signature hot chocolate. With our limited-edition hot chocolate kit, you can whip up a warm cuppa for your loved one any time.

Plan a chocolate detour with your friends and loved ones to sample our chocolates, cookies, and cakes for all of February. We are offering delicious limited-edition chocolate roses, sweet love boxes, heart-shaped cookies, and beautiful Valentine’s cakes. You can also preorder customized cakes, cupcakes and chocolate boxes. If you’re looking for a cute way to say you care, do it with our conversation candy hearts. When picking a Valentines gift for your love, just KISS – Keep It Simple and Sweet!

If you think you’ve found ‘the one’ and are planning to propose this Valentine’s day, make it extra romantic with our stunning heart-shaped valentine’s cake. Don’t shy away to express your love to the people who matter the most. Indulge in some choco-love from Choko La!


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    Summertime Decadenz with Choko la Chocolate Factory Tour
    As kids, we all dreamt of visiting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This movie has inspired all kids and adults alike to take a trip down the candy lane. To take a dive in the chocolate waterfall, to pick chocolate fruits from chocolate trees, to dance around the candy garden, and so much more! What if this dream of yours can come true? Choko la has made this dream possible for the kids!
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    Make it Colorful with Choko La
    Holi, the festival of colors is a time of celebration with family and friends. And what is festivity without some gifts for your loved ones? With Holi just around the corner, we know you’re looking for the perfect gift for Holi? Look no further! Indulge in Choko La’s beautiful selection of delicious conversation starters that make for lovely gifts.
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    Make it a Sweet Women’s Day for Her
    Have you ever wondered what the true essence of women’s day is? It’s about celebrating her for who she is, recognizing her endeavors, and understanding her challenges. A woman is the perfect embodiment of grace and strength. Every woman plays many roles in our lives. While nothing can compare to the love, support and nurturing that women provide in our lives, no one’s keeping us from appreciating her in our own special way.

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