• Coffee Caramel Cake Square 750 Gram
  • Coffee Caramel Cake Square 750 Gram
  • Coffee Caramel Cake Square 750 Gram
  • Coffee Caramel Cake Square 750 Gram
  • Coffee Caramel Cake Square 750 Gram
  • Coffee Caramel Cake Square 750 Gram

Coffee Caramel Cake Square 750 Gram

Rs. 1225

Enjoy the classic combination of coffee, caramel, and chocolate in the form of a cake. Choose this unique cake flavor for any celebration. This irresistible cake is made with coffee, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, dark chocolate, and cream. Topped with buttercream and edible flowers. Indulge on a quiet evening with a slice of this decadent cake and a hot cuppa of coffee. Treat your guests with this delicious cake on a Sunday brunch. If you are a vegetarian, indulge guilt-free in this eggless coffee caramel cake.

  • Almond Teacake
    Almond Teacake
    Looking for a delicious tea cake for your afternoon tea party? Get this delicious almond tea cake with a nutty flavor. The top of the cake is laced with roasted flaky almonds. Serve this almond cake with a cup of Earl grey or floral infusion tea. This cake is also a great treat for breakfast or brunches. Enjoy a delicious slice of this cake with crunchy shredded almonds. Buy tea cake that tastes delicious and packed with the goodness of almonds.
  • Eggless crunchy Cake -1KG
    Eggless crunchy Cake -1KG
    If you are looking for a delicious crunchy cake, get this eggless crunchy cake in 1 kg for any celebrations. This decadent chocolate cake is prepared with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, French biscuits, cocoa butter and hazelnuts. Indulge in the smooth creamy chocolate ganache with crunchy bits of French biscuits and hazelnuts. No eggs are used in baking this cake, making it a perfect treat for vegetarians. Get this 1kg eggless crunchy cake for bigger gatherings and celebrations.
  • Chocolate Truffle Cake 1 KG
    Chocolate Truffle Cake 1 KG
    A chocolate cake is quintessential for any celebration. Make your birthday celebrations extra decadent with a Belgian chocolate truffle cake. Enjoy this dark and delicious Belgian chocolate cake layered with a silky chocolate ganache. Topped with dark chocolate curls, this cake is the perfect way to celebrate your special occasion. Surprise your loved one with this delicious chocolate cake and a bunch of red roses. Who can resist the impeccable taste of a gooey chocolate cake? Made with premium quality Belgian chocolate, this cake is the perfect treat for all chocolate lovers.
  • Summer Special Tropical Mango cake - 1 KG
    Summer Special Tropical Mango cake - 1 KG
    Savour the goodness of fresh alphanso mangoes, pistas and a stint of vanilla flavor together in a succulent combination of it’s own with Choko la’s mango flavoured cake. Enriched with healthy almond flakes, this mango cake is surely a treat to desire this Summer.
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