• Mint Mini
  • Mint Mini
  • Mint Mini
  • Mint Mini
  • Mint Mini
  • Mint Mini

Mint Mini

Rs. 260

An infusion of French peppermint with dark chocolate topped with chocochips

  • Solo Souvenir - Chilli Surprise
    Solo Souvenir - Chilli Surprise
    Silky creamy milk chocolate with a subtle fieriness of Chilli
  • Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Blend
    Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Blend
    A classic chocolate potion kissed with Hazelnut
  • Chocochip Mini - Milk Chocolate
    Chocochip Mini - Milk Chocolate
    A delectable combination of milk chocolate with swirls of white chocolate topped with Belgian chocochips
  • Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Blend
    Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Blend
    Refreshingly earthy fusion of superior chocolate with the woody cinnamon dust

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