• Small Gift Hamper
  • Small Gift Hamper
  • Small Gift Hamper
  • Small Gift Hamper
  • Small Gift Hamper
  • Small Gift Hamper
Small Gift Hamper
Rs. 2200

Big happinesses are best enjoyed in small measures. A pitter patter of Bite Size Milk chocolates, Collective One (Honeycomb), sweet love box with Heart shaped Dark Chocolates, Milk Minis and Dark Rochers that make up for a cosy hamper.

  • Collective Three
    Collective Three
    A triumvirate of divine flavours, come together in our Collective Three . consisting of Cocoa Pod Shaped Chocolates, Honeycomb and Mixed Rochers this beautifully designed combination lures you into a delightful, chocolate fantasy.
  • Truffles
    Eight hues of delectable delights housed in an intricate wooden box. An invitation to revel in our divine Truffles with the dreamy softness of ganache that is every chocolate enthusiast’s deep fantasy.
  • Regalia
    Unravel royal perfection with our selection of Milk Chocolate Blondie, Almond Minis,Butterscotch Crunchettes and Honeycombs. They all come together in the form of our Regalia hamper, that adds a regal charm to your gifting.
  • Bonbons
    With a delicious soft core encapsulated in ten exotic chocolate flavours, our Bonbons are crafted to perfection for the chocolate aficionado to savour its rich taste. Take your indulgence a notch higher.

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