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  • Hot Chocolate Kit
    Hot Chocolate Kit
    Simply empty the contents into a mug and mix with hot milk/ water and enjoy the hot chocolate drink . A fantastic little gift for a warm cozy evening.(Only kit, Mug not included)
    INR 100
  • Fruit and Nut Heart
    Fruit and Nut Heart
    Dark Chocolate studded with Almonds & Raspberry Crumble. Go Gold and Red this Valentines ! (Weight 30g)
    INR 130
  • Heart lollipop
    Heart lollipop
    And nothing can go wrong with a Heart made of nothing but pure Milk Chocolate !
    INR 100
  • Almond Mini
    Almond Mini
    A desirable duo of dark chocolate and swirls of pristine white chocolate topped with Californian almond
    INR 250
  • Chocochip Mini
    Chocochip Mini
    A delectable combination of milk chocolate with swirls of white chocolate topped with Belgian chocochips
    INR 250
  • 75% Signature Dark Mini
    75% Signature Dark Mini
    A classic dark chocolate mini, made with 75% intense dark chocolate - Choko la`s signature collection.
    INR 270
  • Hazelnut Mini
    Hazelnut Mini
    Classic milk chocolate combined with white chocolate crusted with Turkish hazelnut
    INR 250
  • 35% Classic Milk Mini
    35% Classic Milk Mini
    A classic milk chocolate mini, made with 35% smooth milk chocolate.
    INR 250
  • Mint Mini
    Mint Mini
    An infusion of French peppermint with dark chocolate topped with chocochips
    INR 250
  • Orange Peel Mini
    Orange Peel Mini
    Intense dark chocolate squares with ingrained crushed almonds with a candied orange peel from best orchards in India
    INR 250
  • Solo Souvenir - Chilli Surprise
    Solo Souvenir - Chilli Surprise
    Silky creamy milk chocolate with a subtle fieriness of Chilli
    INR 430
  • Solo Souvenir - Dark Mocha
    Solo Souvenir - Dark Mocha
    Classic dark chocolate intensified with the rejuvenating aroma and flavour of piquant roasted coffee from South India.
    INR 430
  • Solo Souvenir - Fennel Fusion
    Solo Souvenir - Fennel Fusion
    Decadent dark chocolate infused with the bold flavors and fragrance of Indian Fennel seeds
    INR 430
  • Solo Souvenir - Tropical Coconut
    Solo Souvenir - Tropical Coconut
    Fine classic milk chocolate enriched with toasted coconut flakes and a hint of fiery Indian spices
    INR 430
  • Easter Eggs (Chocolates)
    Easter Eggs (Chocolates)
    Double the Easter celebrations with a pair of Marbled Milk Chocolate egg & a Marbled Dark Chocolate egg. One made of 35% milk chocolate and other of 55% Dark Chocolate with marbled effect of white chocolate. Net Weight : 20 Gm of Each
    INR 100
  • Easter Rabbit (Bunny) - Milk Chocolate
    Easter Rabbit (Bunny) - Milk Chocolate
    Milk Chocolate Easter Rabbit (bunny), perfect gift to bring to the Easter celebration. Net weight of Easter Bunny is 50g, made of 35% milk chocolate.
    INR 100
  • Chocolate Drink - Cinnamon
    Chocolate Drink - Cinnamon
    Refreshingly earthy fusion of superior chocolate with the woody cinnamon dust
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - Classic Dark
    Chocolate Drink - Classic Dark
    A classic chocolate potion kissed with Hazelnut
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - Classic Milk
    Chocolate Drink - Classic Milk
    Intense dark chocolate deliciousness,fit for a connoisseur''s palate
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - Coffee
    Chocolate Drink - Coffee
    Classic milk chocolate with a touch of intensity
    INR 450

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