Shop for the best chocolates, cakes, bread, desserts, cookies, and hampers from Choko la. Get the best couverture chocolates, hot chocolate blends, and chocolate chips for baking purposes in town.

  • Whole Wheat Pav Bun (4pc)
    Whole Wheat Pav Bun (4pc)
    Pav bun are soft, buttery, and delicious. They are perfect served with bhaaji or even cut and serve as dinner rolls to your family
    INR 160
  • Whole Wheat Burger Bun (4pc)
    Whole Wheat Burger Bun (4pc)
    Enjoy a new burger experience with chokola burger bun.
    INR 200
  • Grandeur
    The centrepiece of the entire gifting range is a collection of various treats like Milk & Dark chocolate Mendiants, Milk & Dark chocolates Rochers, Hazelnut Marbles, assorted bonbons, Almond Marbles, Butterscotch crunchettes, Passion Fruit Chocolate Delight, Raspberry chocolate Delight (Dark chocolate squares center filled with Passion Fruit/Raspberry puree) Decked in a grandiose gift box, it is the ultimate gifting option.
    INR 10000
  • Hippo Lollipop
    Hippo Lollipop
    And nothing can go wrong with a Heart made of nothing but pure Milk Chocolate !
    INR 110
  • Leather Gift Basket (Assorted Chocolate & Cookies)
    Leather Gift Basket (Assorted Chocolate & Cookies)
    A hamper as grand as the festivities, our Large Hamper comes with a handcrafted peacock candle and goodies like Fudge Cookie tin, Cocoa Almond Cookie tin, Cocoa Pods in Collective One box, Tropical Coconut Chocolate, 35 % Bite sized Milk Chocolate, Classic Dark and Milk Chocolate Bar, Hot Chocolate (White Vanilla and Cinnamon), Vegan Chocolates (Butterscotch Crunchettes and Coffee Crunchettes ) adorned with a heart shape Sweet Love Box. An explosion of happiness and chocolate filled joy!
    INR 6150
  • Valentines Heart with Healthy Seeds and Vegan Dark Chocolate
    Valentines Heart with Healthy Seeds and Vegan Dark Chocolate
    Dark Vegan Chocolate studded with Flax, Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds along with Raspberry Crumbles.
    INR 100
  • Earl Gray Macaron Box (10 pcs)
    Earl Gray Macaron Box (10 pcs)
    For all the tea lovers: A very stimulating flavor of earl grey with white chocolate in the form of a macaron.
    INR 750
  • Garlic Crackers
    Garlic Crackers
    Get these crispy and crunchy garlic crackers, perfect for dipping. These light garlic crackers are baked to perfection. Dip these savory garlic crackers in hummus, guacamole, tzatziki and much more. Gather around your guests over some homemade mezze platter. To assemble a Lebanese mezze platter with a bowl of hummus, baba ghanoush, falafels, olives, pickled cucumbers, and garlic crackers. You can also serve these crackers with homemade preserves and chutneys.
    INR 120
  • Tomato and Herb Crackers
    Tomato and Herb Crackers
    Flavorful savory crackers made with sundried tomatoes and herbs. These wholesome and crispy savory crackers are baked to perfection, perfect for dipping in hummus, tzatziki and much more. Looking for appetizer ideas for snacking? Simply serve these crackers with a fresh bowl of guacamole. Another delicious way to serve these crackers is with some homemade hummus. You can also add these crackers in a gourmet cheese tasting platter.
    INR 140
  • Cookies Combo 2 pcs -  Oat & Fudge
    Cookies Combo 2 pcs - Oat & Fudge
    Enjoy this bestselling cookie set from Choko La. Serve the oats & coconut cookies with a cup of herbal tea or English breakfast tea. These crunchy breakfast cookies are healthy and delicious. The decadent fudge cookies are a perfect accompaniment with a cup of hot cappuccino. This cookie set is a delicious addition to an afternoon tea party.
    INR 725
  • Chocolate Rose Bunch
    Chocolate Rose Bunch
    Everyone gets red roses for their sweetheart. Why not surprise your beau with something extra special? Get your love chocolate rose bunch from Choko la. These delicious chocolate roses are made with premium quality chocolate. Beautifully wrapped in a romantic red packaging, this chocolate rose bunch makes for the perfect gift.
    INR 1050
  • Chocolate Rose
    Chocolate Rose
    Are you looking for a romantic gift for your loved one? Why not get a rose that reflects more than just beauty? Get delicious chocolate rose from Choko la for your love. Enjoy these yummy chocolate roses together. Wrapped in beautiful red packaging, this chocolate rose is the epitome of beauty and deliciousness. Surprise your significant other with this chocolate rose.
    INR 120
  • Cookies Combo 2 pcs - Cocoa Almond & Chocochip
    Cookies Combo 2 pcs - Cocoa Almond & Chocochip
    Enjoy the bestselling cookies set from Choko La. Indulge in this decadent cocoa almond cookies for an afternoon snack. Serve these cookies with a cup of caffe latte. Nothing compares to scrumptious choco chip cookies at any time of the day. Indulge guilt-free on luscious choco-chip cookies along with some English breakfast tea. Get this cookie combo for your loved ones. The perfect addition to a high-tea party.
    INR 725
  • Eggless Cocoa Almond Tin Cookies
    Eggless Cocoa Almond Tin Cookies
    Enjoy the delicious combination of cocoa and almond cookies. Indulge in the decadence of chocolate with crunchy roasted almond nibs
    INR 490
  • Eggless Chocochip Tin Cookies
    Eggless Chocochip Tin Cookies
    Looking for eggless cookies that are indulgent and delicious? Get our eggless choco chip cookies, the perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea or coffee. These crunchy and decadent cookies are generously sprinkled with dark chocolate chips. Enjoy these luscious cookies at any time of the day. A delicious treat to enjoy for all vegetarians.
    INR 460
  • Eggless Chocolate Fudge Tin Cookies
    Eggless Chocolate Fudge Tin Cookies
    Indulge in the goodness of decadent chocolate fudge cookies. Perfectly fudgy on the outside and gooey on the inside, these cookies are a delight to eat for all chocolate lovers. These eggless cookies make it perfect for vegetarians. Enjoy these scrumptious cookies with a cup of hot tea or coffee. A great addition for any afternoon tea party.
    INR 490
  • 55% Bite Size Dark Chocolates (250Gms)
    55% Bite Size Dark Chocolates (250Gms)
    Get the best quality dark chocolate chips for all your baking needs. Melt the dark chocolate chips with whipped cream, butter, and demerara sugar to make a decadent chocolate ganache. Bake scrumptious dark chocolate chip cupcakes for birthday parties and other celebrations. Net weight: 250Gms
    INR 450
  • 35% Bite Size Milk Chocolates (250Gms)
    35% Bite Size Milk Chocolates (250Gms)
    Enjoy smooth and delicious milk chocolate chips on your cookies, cupcakes, teacakes and much more. Create a silky chocolate ganache with milk chocolate chips, whipped cream, olive oil, and brown sugar. Use the milk chocolate chips to make chocolate treats for kids. Net weight: 250Gms
    INR 450
  • Cocoa Powder
    Cocoa Powder
    Get the best quality cocoa powder for all your baking needs. Use it for baking chocolate cakes, cookies, bread, teacakes, and much more. Enjoy your favorite cup of mocha, with a sprinkling of cocoa powder. This cocoa chocolate powder is extracted from premium quality cocoa beans.
    INR 330
  • DIY Chocochip Cookie Mix
    DIY Chocochip Cookie Mix
    There’s nothing that brings families together than experimenting in the kitchen! Trying exciting DIY recipes on a lazy Sunday afternoon is a fun way of spending some quality time  with your loved ones. Chokola’s DIY Cookies Mix has premium chocolate with an amazing taste, which is sure to satisfy all your sweet cravings.
    INR 400
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