Our Products

  • Butterscotch Crunchettes
    Butterscotch Crunchettes
    Crunchy butterscotch enrobed in silky dark chocolate
    INR 550
  • Coffee Crunchettes
    Coffee Crunchettes
    Aromatic and rich roasted coffee beans blissfully coated in fine dark chocolate
    INR 350
  • Hazelnut Marbles Crunchettes
    Hazelnut Marbles Crunchettes
    Wholesome Hazelnuts covered in crunchy caramel and dark chocolate goodness
    INR 650
  • Sweet Love
    Sweet Love
    Decadent dark , heart shaped chocolates,for those who love and gift from the heart
    INR 570
  • Sweet Memories of India
    Sweet Memories of India
    An assortment of exotic Indian Flavors - Dark Mocha, Spice Surprise, Tropical Coconut, and Fennel Fusion
    INR 1500
  • Truffle Box
    Truffle Box
    Our signature melt in mouth Truffles - These indulgent desserts are enriched with 8 scrumptious flavors of ganache and loaded with chocolate goodness.
    INR 1800
  • Milk chocolate hearts
    Milk chocolate hearts
    Heart shaped 35 % Milk chocolate
    INR 550
  • Almond Mini
    Almond Mini
    A desirable duo of dark chocolate and swirls of pristine white chocolate topped with Californian almond
    INR 250
  • Chocochip Mini
    Chocochip Mini
    A delectable combination of milk chocolate with swirls of white chocolate topped with Belgian chocochips
    INR 250
  • 75% Signature Dark Mini
    75% Signature Dark Mini
    A classic dark chocolate mini, made with 75% intense dark chocolate - Choko la`s signature collection.
    INR 270
  • Hazelnut Mini
    Hazelnut Mini
    Classic milk chocolate combined with white chocolate crusted with Turkish hazelnut
    INR 250
  • 35% Classic Milk Mini
    35% Classic Milk Mini
    A classic milk chocolate mini, made with 35% smooth milk chocolate.
    INR 250
  • Mint Mini
    Mint Mini
    An infusion of French peppermint with dark chocolate topped with chocochips
    INR 250
  • Orange Peel Mini
    Orange Peel Mini
    Intense dark chocolate squares with ingrained crushed almonds with a candied orange peel from best orchards in India
    INR 250
  • Solo Souvenir - Chilli Surprise
    Solo Souvenir - Chilli Surprise
    Silky creamy milk chocolate with a subtle fieriness of Chilli
    INR 430
  • Solo Souvenir - Dark Mocha
    Solo Souvenir - Dark Mocha
    Classic dark chocolate intensified with the rejuvenating aroma and flavour of piquant roasted coffee from South India.
    INR 430
  • Solo Souvenir - Fennel Fusion
    Solo Souvenir - Fennel Fusion
    Decadent dark chocolate infused with the bold flavors and fragrance of Indian Fennel seeds
    INR 430
  • Solo Souvenir - Tropical Coconut
    Solo Souvenir - Tropical Coconut
    Fine classic milk chocolate enriched with toasted coconut flakes and a hint of fiery Indian spices
    INR 430
  • Classic Dark Chocolate Bar
    Classic Dark Chocolate Bar
    Intense dark chocolate with sophisticated flavors of fine chocolate and a lingering royal after taste
    INR 325
  • Classic Milk Chocolate Bar
    Classic Milk Chocolate Bar
    Smooth and creamy milk chocolate with mild,natural,melt-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness
    INR 325
  • Crunchy French Biscuit Chocolate Bar
    Crunchy French Biscuit Chocolate Bar
    Cracking French Biscuit,enriched with the depth of dark chocolate and creaminess of milk chocolate for the perfect melt in your mouth experience
    INR 325
  • Dark Almond Delight Chocolate Bar
    Dark Almond Delight Chocolate Bar
    Rich roasted almonds generously embedded in classic dark chocolate for a full nutty flavor.Simply irresistible.
    INR 325
  • No Added Sugar Chocolate Bar
    No Added Sugar Chocolate Bar
    Extravagant,intense dark chocolate designed for a distinct and overwhelming experience for health watchers
    INR 500
  • Classic Dark (3+1) Chocolate Bar Combo
    Classic Dark (3+1) Chocolate Bar Combo
    Get 4 classic dark chocolate bars at the price of 3.
    INR 975
  • Classic Milk (3+1) Bar Combo
    Classic Milk (3+1) Bar Combo
    Get 4 classic milk chocolate bars at the price of 3.
    INR 975
  • Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Blend
    Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Blend
    Refreshingly earthy fusion of superior chocolate with the woody cinnamon dust
    INR 450
  • Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Blend
    Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Blend
    A classic chocolate potion kissed with Hazelnut
    INR 450
  • Classic Dark Hot Chocolate Blend
    Classic Dark Hot Chocolate Blend
    Intense dark chocolate deliciousness,fit for a connoisseur's palate
    INR 450
  • Classic Milk Hot Chocolate Blend
    Classic Milk Hot Chocolate Blend
    Classic milk chocolate with a touch of intensity
    INR 450
  • Coffee Hot Chocolate Blend
    Coffee Hot Chocolate Blend
    Classic dark chocolate doused in a sense engulfing aroma and taste of rich,premium coffee
    INR 450
  • White Vanilla Hot Chocolate Blend
    White Vanilla Hot Chocolate Blend
    For the love of all things sweet,smooth & dreamy, our white chocolate is infused with natural vanilla
    INR 530
  • Chocolate Rose
    Chocolate Rose
    Delicate and delicious chocolate rose , where every flower is a lot more than just beauty.
    INR 120
  • Chocolate Rose Bunch
    Chocolate Rose Bunch
    Delicate and delicious chocolate roses , where every flower is a lot more than just beauty.
    INR 1000
  • Heart lollipop
    Heart lollipop
    And nothing can go wrong with a Heart made of nothing but pure Milk Chocolate !
    INR 100
  • Fruit and Nut Heart
    Fruit and Nut Heart
    Dark Chocolate studded with Almonds & Raspberry Crumble. Go Gold and Red this Valentines ! (Weight 30g)
    INR 130
  • Hot Chocolate Kit
    Hot Chocolate Kit
    Simply empty the contents into a mug and mix with hot milk/ water and enjoy the hot chocolate drink . A fantastic little gift for a warm cozy evening.(Only kit, Mug not included)
    INR 100

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