Our Products

  • Belgian Chocolate Truffle
    Belgian Chocolate Truffle
    Dark and delicious Belgian chocolate cake layered with silky chocolate cream.
    INR 850
  • Chocolate Cake with Raspberry
    Chocolate Cake with Raspberry
    Generous raspberry indulgence balanced with intense Dark chocolate
    INR 850
  • Eggless Coffee Caramel Cake
    Eggless Coffee Caramel Cake
    The classic combination of Coffee and caramel in a delicious eggless cake.
    INR 1200
  • Eggless crunchy 500 gm Cake
    Eggless crunchy 500 gm Cake
    Scrumptious blend of hazelnut &  milk chocolate mousse freckled with bits of crunchy french biscuit
    INR 850
  • Red Velvet Cake
    Red Velvet Cake
    Cheesy Red vanilla cake with white chocolate flaky cigar.
    INR 1300
  • Almond Teacake
    Almond Teacake
    Tea Cake with rich nutty flavor of almonds
    INR 550
  • Chocochip Teacake
    Chocochip Teacake
    Moist , chocolate rich, buttery teacake with dark chocolate chips
    INR 600
  • Date & Walnut Teacake
    Date & Walnut Teacake
    A real time treat - moist sponge cake with real dates and crunchy walnuts.Contains egg.
    INR 530

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