Celebrate the holidays with a delicious Double Chocolate Cake from Choko la. Add sparkle to your holiday celebrations with our Chocolate Gift Hampers. Explore our range of decadent Chocolate Treats from Choko la.

    • Harmony (Premium Chocolate Hamper)
      Harmony (Premium Chocolate Hamper)
      A delicious quartet of Dark Chocolate Pralines, Milk Rochers , DarkMendiant and MilkChocolate Puffs come together in a range that is aptly named Harmony.
      INR 1550
    • Small Gift Hamper (Assorted Chocolate Boxes)
      Small Gift Hamper (Assorted Chocolate Boxes)
      A cozy tray of heart shaped Sweet Love Box, Milk Mini Pouch, 35% Milk Bite size Chocolate, Dark Rochers and Honey Comb in an ornate box along with a handcrafted candle that adds a sweet gesture of affection, a gift perfect for a special someone.
      INR 2250
    • Grandeur (Exotic Chocolate Hamper)
      Grandeur (Exotic Chocolate Hamper)
      Aptly named, our Grandeur box is a regal delight that contains a beautiful symphony of Milk Mendiants Dark Mendiants, Milk and Dark Rochers, Coated Almonds, Butterscotch and Hazelnuts, assorted Bonbons, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Pralines. A grand gesture of royal festivities dipped in classic Choko la style.
      INR 10000

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