Our Products

  • Belgian Chocolate Truffle Pastry
    Belgian Chocolate Truffle Pastry
    Dark and delicious Belgian chocolate cake layered with silky chocolate cream.
    INR 235
  • Berry Cheese Cake Pastry
    Berry Cheese Cake Pastry
    For that cheese lover in you - Cheese cake pasty topped with blueberry
    INR 255
  • Coffee Caramel Pastry
    Coffee Caramel Pastry
    A delicious eggless pastry with a classic combination of coffee and caramel.
    INR 255
  • Sugar Free Mousse Cake
    Sugar Free Mousse Cake
    Creamy, fluffy, and sugarfree mousse cake (In a mini glass)
    INR 225
  • Granola Jar
    Granola Jar
    Delicious, healthy and wholesomeness of honey granola. Oats, sliced almonds, and walnut mixed with real banana, and topped with chocochips
    INR 210

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