Satisfy your sweet tooth, with our delicious dessert recipes. Get our decadent dessert jars to snack on-the-go.

  • Chocolate Truffle Pastry
    Chocolate Truffle Pastry
    This chocolate truffle pastry is every chocolate lover’s dream. Made with dark Belgian chocolate, layered with silky chocolate cream. Indulge in the rich layers of chocolate decadence with this pastry.
    INR 220
  • Coffee Caramel Pastry Square
    Coffee Caramel Pastry Square
    Indulge in the classic combination of coffee and caramel enclosed in a thin chocolate shell. This delicious coffee caramel pastry square is eggless which makes it a great treat for vegetarians. Decadent layers of sponge cake with coffee-flavored ganache. Enjoy this classic pastry with a cup of your favorite coffee.
    INR 200
  • Vanilla Toffee Chocolate Spread
    Vanilla Toffee Chocolate Spread
    A silken smooth spread with generously intense Vanilla, this Vanilla Toffee Chocolate Spread is a blissful delight to meet all your savoury desires
    INR 550
  • Marmalade Mush (Vegan) Chocolate Spread
    Marmalade Mush (Vegan) Chocolate Spread
    Indulge in the richness of fruits and delightfulness of chocolate blended together in the form of Vegan Marmalade Mush Chocolate Spread, a tongue tingling, delicious marriage of heavenly orange marmalade with deep dark chocolate.
    INR 550
  • Chocolate Macaron Box (5 Pcs )
    Chocolate Macaron Box (5 Pcs )
    For all the chocolate lovers- A chocolate macaron with filling of dark chocolate ganache
    INR 375
  • Caramel Macaron Box ( 5 Pcs)
    Caramel Macaron Box ( 5 Pcs)
    A caramel macaron with a tinge of sea salt
    INR 375
  • Granola Jar
    Granola Jar
    Indulge in a scrumptious breakfast with this chocolate granola from Choko la. This delicious, healthy, and wholesome granola is made with oats, sliced almonds, walnuts, banana, honey, and Choco chips. Serve this granola with Greek yogurt/milk and fresh fruits.
    INR 210
  • Pecan Nut Pastry
    Pecan Nut Pastry
    Enjoy the perfect balance of crunchiness of pecan nuts perfectly balanced with the smoothness of milk chocolate mousse. Indulge in this delicious pecan nut pastry from Choko La. This pastry is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon hi-tea gathering.
    INR 220
  • Orange And Cheese Pastry
    Orange And Cheese Pastry
    For all the cheese lovers out there, get this moist orange cake topped with cheese and orange candy. Enjoy the delicious combination of mascarpone cheese with candied orange. This decadent pastry has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.
    INR 220
  • Sugar Free Mousse Cake
    Sugar Free Mousse Cake
    Enjoy your favorite chocolate mousse without refined sugar. This light and airy sugar-free chocolate mousse is the perfect treat for chocolate lovers. Indulge in the creaminess without worrying about empty calories.
    INR 230
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