Our Products

  • Chocolate Drink - Cinnamon
    Chocolate Drink - Cinnamon
    Refreshingly earthy fusion of superior chocolate with the woody cinnamon dust
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - Classic Dark
    Chocolate Drink - Classic Dark
    A classic chocolate potion kissed with Hazelnut
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - Classic Milk
    Chocolate Drink - Classic Milk
    Intense dark chocolate deliciousness,fit for a connoisseur''s palate
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - Coffee
    Chocolate Drink - Coffee
    Classic milk chocolate with a touch of intensity
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - Hazelnut
    Chocolate Drink - Hazelnut
    Classic dark chocolate doused in a sense engulfing aroma and taste of rich,premium coffee
    INR 450
  • Chocolate Drink - White Vanilla
    Chocolate Drink - White Vanilla
    For the love of all things sweet,smooth & dreamy, our white chocolate is infused with natural vanilla
    INR 530
  • Truffle Box
    Truffle Box
    Our signature melt in mouth Truffles - These indulgent desserts are enriched with 8 scrumptious flavors of ganache and loaded with chocolate goodness.
    INR 1850
  • Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake
    Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake
    Dark and delicious Belgian chocolate cake layered with silky chocolate cream.
    INR 1550

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