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  • Collective One (Cocoa Pod)- Diwali Chocolate Hamper
    Collective One (Cocoa Pod)- Diwali Chocolate Hamper
    Cocoa Pod shaped chocolates encased in a Blue ornate box. Our boxes are designed to add that special note of sweetness to your festive gifting.
    INR 390
  • Collective One (Rochers)- Diwali Chocolate Hamper
    Collective One (Rochers)- Diwali Chocolate Hamper
    Mixed Rochers encased in a Green ornate box. Our boxes are designed to add that special note of sweetness to your festive gifting.
    INR 460
  • Collective Two (Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Collective Two (Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Our Collective Two is a beautiful contrast of Mixed Mendiants and Honeycombs.A tasteful pairing of flavours crafted to suit your gifting needs.
    INR 725
  • Collective Three (Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Collective Three (Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    A tasteful trifecta of Mixed Rochers , Mixed Cocoa Pods and Honeycombs, that triple your happiness. A perfect set of flavours and textures for the festive season.
    INR 1050
  • Bonbon (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Bonbon (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Ten exotic chocolate flavors come together in a suave box of Bonbons that reminds of a delicate, French experience.
    INR 1100
  • Harmony (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Harmony (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    A delicious quartet of Dark Chocolate Pralines, Milk Rochers , DarkMendiant and MilkChocolate Puffs come together in a range that is aptly named Harmony.
    INR 1550
  • Truffles (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Truffles (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Filled with love and creamy chocolate ganache, our luxurious Truffles box is an indulgence of its own. Encased in a collectible wooden box, it is every connoisseur''''''''s dream come true.
    INR 1850
  • Regalia (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Regalia (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Setting a royal tone to your festive gifting is our new Regalia gift box with a burst of flavours in the form of Butterscotch Crunchettes , Honeycombs, Almond Minis, Milk Chocolate Discs, and Dark Chocolate Pralines.
    INR 2250
  • Small Gift Hamper (Assorted Chocolate Boxes)
    Small Gift Hamper (Assorted Chocolate Boxes)
    A cozy tray of heart shaped Sweet Love Box, Milk Mini Pouch, 35% Milk Bite size Chocolate, Dark Rochers and Honey Comb in an ornate box along with a handcrafted candle that adds a sweet gesture of affection, a gift perfect for a special someone.
    INR 2250
  • Treasure (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Treasure (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Our Treasure box will leave you awestruck with a varied selection of Dipped Almond and Dipped Chocochip Cookies, Milk Chocolate Discs, Dark Mendiant , Mixed Rochers and Milk Chocolate Puffs. It is a perfect reason to get everyone together for a royal treat.
    INR 2750
  • Medium Gift Hamper (Assorted Chocolate Boxes)
    Medium Gift Hamper (Assorted Chocolate Boxes)
    A whole new range of products adorn our Medium Tray, including Butterscotch Crunchettes, Almond Marbles and our signature Hot Chocolate flavors in Coffee & Cinnamon. It also includes our Collective One Honeycomb and Cocoa Pods boxes with a pop of Chilli Surprise Chocolate. A tray full of celebrations with a pair of handcrafted candles carefully curated to suit your preferences.
    INR 3100
  • Collective Nine (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Collective Nine (Premium Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Nine jewels of our Collective Nine include Butterscotch Crunchettes, Orange Peel Minis, Milk Chocolate Puffs, Milk Mendiants, Dark Rochers, Dark Mendiants, Milk Chocolate discs, Dark Chocolate Pralines and dipped Chocochip Cookie. Each flavor varies from the next but just as delightfully delicious as the rest.
    INR 4000
  • Leather Gift Basket (Assorted Chocolate & Cookies)
    Leather Gift Basket (Assorted Chocolate & Cookies)
    A hamper as grand as the festivities, our Large Hamper comes with a handcrafted peacock candle and goodies like Fudge Cookie tin, Cocoa Almond Cookie tin, Cocoa Pods in Collective One box, Tropical Coconut Chocolate, 35 % Bite sized Milk Chocolate, Classic Dark and Milk Chocolate Bar, Hot Chocolate (White Vanilla and Cinnamon), Vegan Chocolates (Butterscotch Crunchettes and Coffee Crunchettes ) adorned with a heart shape Sweet Love Box. An explosion of happiness and chocolate filled joy!
    INR 6100
  • Grandeur (Exotic Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Grandeur (Exotic Diwali Chocolate Hamper)
    Aptly named, our Grandeur box is a regal delight that contains a beautiful symphony of Milk Mendiants Dark Mendiants, Milk and Dark Rochers, Coated Almonds, Butterscotch and Hazelnuts, assorted Bonbons, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Pralines. A grand gesture of royal festivities dipped in classic Choko la style.
    INR 10000
  • Sweet Memories of India - Chocolate Hampers
    Sweet Memories of India - Chocolate Hampers
    Treat your friends or relatives coming to India with ‘Sweet Memories of India’ as the best souvenir gift from India ever comprising of delectable chocolate flavors from Dark Mocha, Spice Surprise, and Tropical Coconut to Fennel Fusion. These decadent chocolates are packed in an elegant box having an elephant imprint that is a true reminiscent of Indian culture. The melt-in-the-mouth chocolates are handmade with love and the distinct Indian flavors of mocha, fennel, and coconut are the ideal way of connecting with Indian gastronomy.
    INR 1550

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