Choko la is the pioneer in introducing pure couverture chocolates to India. The company was founded in 2005 by Mrs. Vasudha Munjal Dinodia with a vision to introduce beautifully handcrafted premium chocolates to the country using superior quality ingredients from around the world. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and has successfully introduced a culture of consuming bespoke chocolates and desserts which were earlier restricted to just people traveling abroad.

The word Choko la has been derived from a Mayan word which means to drink chocolate together . Chokola believes in making world a happy place where there is love, purity, celebration, togetherness and joy all around. The brand invites you to experience that divine moment when your senses are invigorated to the melody of everything chocolate and visions to spread happiness, love and divinity through Chocolates.

With a wide array of products specializing in chocolates, customized gifting, cakes, desserts, cookies, Choko la retains the universe of chocolate as a beautiful medium to bring people together, as an indulgent treat to share and gift, or to be enjoyed by themselves.

The essence of our business is chocolates! Eating it, drinking it and experiencing what it can do to our senses. Live the chocolate life with Choko la and experience the divine.

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