Who does not love chocolates? Maybe the few who have not tried Choko la’s deeply divine pure coverture chocolates!

Choko la is all about fulfilling a beautiful dream of love, divinity, and enthusiasm for the introduction of the world’s best chocolate to our home country, India. The country is known for its diverse cultures, traditions, purity, and love, but also for the rich heritage of sharing sweets with each other on festive occasions, and events.  Choko la is the pioneer in introducing pure couverture chocolates to India. The company was founded in 2005 by Mrs. Vasudha Dinodia Munjal with a vision to introduce beautifully handcrafted premium chocolates to the country using superior quality ingredients from around the world. The growth of this vision can be seen today and how generously we all have become a part of it. Wish to know the secret behind this huge success? It is all about the passion and love we carry out in the development of every product we make, including the focus on ingredients.  The purity of the environment leads to the love of sharing and hence the aroma of sweet cocoa fills up the space!

World Chocolate Day, is an annual celebration of chocolate that takes place across the world on July 7, which some believe is the anniversary of the arrival of chocolate to Europe in 1550. It is unclear who came up with this yummy food day, but it was first observed in 2009.

The art of making chocolates is a very peculiar process that turns the fresh pods picked from a cacao tree into the delightful treats you enjoy. This process includes sourcing, roasting, cracking, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering, and molding. If each of the steps is followed carefully, a smooth, shiny piece of chocolate is produced which can furthermore be used to procure the products. Choko la’s process of making chocolate is a whole new and different way . We have our chocolate factory run by all the marvelously trained and expert members of the crew, following the rules and disciplines of their head chefs.

Our chefs follow some basic rules and here we have a few interesting tips for you if you are new to baking or simply want to know more about chocolate.

“Start with 30sec to 1 minute to melt it!”; many of you may have wondered -  why chocolate mixes or other things we try to make on our own do not end up as amazing as catered by a chef.  Yes experience matters, and so does the knowledge of chocolate. Whenever one needs to melt the chocolate,  we first have to see which variant we are working with-   milk or dark chocolate. They have different  melting points and we need to address them. The best way is to start melting is by setting the right temperature for 30sec to one minute. Keep checking to ensure melting is taking place in the right manner.

Still not confident about the temperature measuring? Do not worry! Our chef is here with another tip to save your life from the biggest baking tragedy! “Use a double boiler!” but why so?  Here is the answer- steam  avoids the burning of the chocolate. With the help of steam, one can melt the chocolate without getting into the chance of burning it. Hurray! Now that we have got our chocolate melted in the right manner, one can easily follow the simple recipes of  Choko la’s Make your own range (MYO range)  and make your home smell of fresh baking.  

What about those yummiest cookies which everyone in the family craves, with choco chips and our favorite hot chocolate? Yes, we have the perfect baking buttons for your family, relatives, and friends. But the question arises,  how to make them just perfect, well it is quite easy specially with this tip from our chef! Choko la’s ready-to-use baking buttons can quite easily be mixed with the cookie dough directly and melted together and that is how you will get those yummy cookies! Easy isn’t it? Choko la has a varied range of MYO mixes and many more to make your baking comfortable and yummy at home. Just add the mix and watch the baking genie do it for you!

Chocolate Day is approaching, and we all need to get ready for it. Grab your amazing gifting options, from the luxurious classy gifting chocolate hampers to the yummiest crackle cookies or the mouth-watery chocolaty experience from Choko la’s range of chocolate bars, visit us or get it online!

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